Trucker shows how to brighten a kid’s day

We often report on truck drivers being helpful to other motorists and even, from time to time, being true heroes of the highway. Sometimes, what a trucker does doesn’t rise to the level of heroism, but certainly does show them to be good a good person doing something nice for someone else.

Such is the case of a post made to the Truckers Haven Facebook group recently by Daniel Buckeye Newcomb, a scrap steel hauler from Ohio. Here’s what he wrote:

Daniel Buckey Newcomb’s truckDaniel Buckey Newcomb’s truck

One of the biggest reasons I love driving a semi.

I stop at the Speedway in New Carlisle to get a bottle of water right? Well as I’m walking out, I see a kid that is maybe 8 or 9 wave at me from the car he’s in and I wave back. Well I keep walking and he opens up the door and this is what said…

Kid: Hey mister!
Me: Yes?
Kid: Are you a truck driver?
Me: Yes. I drive that red truck over there.
Kid: Do you have a horn?
Me: Yes and it’s pretty loud.
Kid: My mom said it’s ok to ask but would you let me honk the horn?
Me: As long as it’s ok with your mother, sure!

So this kid and his mom walk over to my truck and then the kid says …

Kid: Can I sit up in your truck for a minute and honk the horn?
Me: Sure can buddy.

So I help this kid climb up into my truck and he sits in the seat and he starts pretending to be a truck driver (Messing with the shifter, turning the steering wheel). Then he notices my CB Radio and he’s says …

Kid: OMG, you even have a radio!
Me: Yep, that’s so I can talk to other truck drivers about if there’s any accidents, where any Full Grown’s are and just general conversations.
Kid: What’s a Full Grown?
Me: A Full Grown is a State Highway Patrol Officer. He makes sure people like me abide by the laws that come with driving a truck, along with making sure everyone else is driving safe.
Kid: Can I talk on your radio?
Me: Sure can but I don’t think anyone will respond because we’re not close to any major highways.
Kid: “That’s a 10-4 rubber ducky.”
Me: “Looks at his mom and chuckles.”
Me Again: You want to honk that horn you asked about?
Kid: Oh yeah! I forgot about that because the radio.

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So here’s this kid sitting in the drivers seat of my truck and he just lays on the horn. Everyone at Speedway stopped what they were doing and looked over to see him waving at everyone. His mom took some pictures so if you ever see pictures circulating of a kid sitting in a red daycab semi, that’s probably the kid. I tell you, that was awesome and to see how happy he was, PRICELESS! Even his mom was smiling.

Another reason I LOVE driving a semi!