Organization creates CD of trucker songs, poems


What started out as entertainment for an industry association annual meeting turned into a 17-cut CD, the proceeds of which will benefit a trucker charity. More than that, it’s become a way to promote the industry and thank its drivers.

Montage 2018The Grand O’ Trucking Show CD was recorded live in Nashville during the annual drivers of the year banquet at the National Association of Small Trucking Companies convention last November. The tracks include 15 songs and two poems, all trucking themed, and most written for the occasion.

David Owen is the president and co-founder of the National Association of Small Truck Companies and the man behind the music. The songs and most of the performances, joked Owen, came from some of the “100,000 songwriters running around Nashville.” Many of them visit the club Owen owns and he convinced them to pen some original tunes about truck drivers and what they do.

“It’s amazing,” said Owen of the outcome. “This is a true tribute to truckers and trucking. It’s a real treasure.”

The songwriters, along with established trucking entertainers, Lindsay Lawler and Dan Baker performed at the NASTC driver of the year event, and Owen hired a company to record the performances. He is thrilled with the outcome, which was left unedited, but “sounds like it was done in a studio,” he says.

Aside from paying homage to truckers, the CD also helps drivers who are in need. Owen said $2 from the sale of each CD is donated to the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund.

The CD is on sale at all TravelCenters of America Stopping Centers.

Cuts on the track include:

  • Trucker Man – Poem by Dan Baker
  • Be Your Man – Aaron Bozwell
  • World’s Delivery Man – Aaron Bozwell
  • I’m Rolling – Aaron Bozwell
  • Boy What A Girl, Man What A Women – Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr.
  • Texas via Nashville – Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr.
  • That’s All It Takes – Lee Wiley
  • We Ride – Lee Wiley
  • He Loves The Road – Lindsay Lawler
  • I Drive – Lindsay Lawler
  • Honk – Troy Martin
  • Baby’s Gotten Good At Goodbye – Troy Martin
  • Interstate – Craig J. Martin
  • White Collar Blues – Craig J. Martin
  • Truck Driver Angels – Aaron Bozwell
  • Daddy’s Just A Truck Driver – Poem by Dan Baker
  • Another Trucker Makes It Home – Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr.