Yum! Trucker cures sausages under trailer as they drive


Remember how a number of years ago there was a fad of sorts in which people prepared their lunch or dinner by wrapping it in aluminum foil and securing it to the engine of their vehicle? There was even a cookbook for truckers who wanted to use their engine compartment as an oven.

But, one trucker took over-the-road food prep to a new level. The California Highway Patrol at the Dunsmuir Grade Commercial Enforcement Facility posted this photo and explanation to their Facebook page. They said it was taken while performing a Level 1 inspection. They wrote:

“While underneath this trailer, several interesting items were seen dangling from underneath a crossbeam.

“Upon further investigation, it appeared that the driver was utilizing a creative space to cure his sausage. This is NOT a recommended technique! The airflow under a trailer is full of exhaust fumes and roadway debris.”

We can only hope this was just not a considerably late April Fool’s Day post.