Have a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving whether you're on the road or at home

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Happy Thanksgicing from Trucvkers News

In a perfect trucking world, every driver would be at home with family and/or friends, enjoying a delightful Thanksgiving meal and all of the other comforts that come with the day.

But, for many truckers, this is not a perfect holiday. Many are driving as others are dining or are parked -- hopefully someplace safe -- and having a meal they brought from home or got from a truck stop fast food outlet. Any connection to the folks at home will be on a smartphone.

This has not been the easiest of years for the trucking industry. Rates are down, and so is the amount of freight to be delivered. There have been layoffs, closings, bankruptcies, fraud, and cargo thefts.

And, the outlook for 2024 while not dismal, certainly is not rosy.

Still, there are reasons to be thankful:

No, not all of the many problems plaguing truckers and the industry they serve are being solved swiftly and completely, but it does make sense to be thankful for the progress that's being made.

Happy Thanksgiving from Truckers News.