Edward Coan: ‘Always willing to lend a helping hand’


Edward Coan
Nominated by Juanita Coan, Wife

I can give you several ways why I love my husband. None of which apply to trucking. Or maybe all those reasons bleed over into his driving.

He’s caring, always willing to lend a helping hand. Sure, he’s paid for assist, but he won’t sit in his truck and allow women or lone men to unload his trailer. He would help whether he received assist or not.

His word is gold. If he tells you he’s doing something, it will be done. He’s early for every delivery, most times he gets an earlier time because another driver is late. He’s considerate and conscious of his part in the company. He is the only person a person may see from his company and he makes sure he makes a good impression.

He loves trucking and does not want to do anything else. He’s a wonderful husband, father and absolutely loved by his grandchildren.