Frank Bursick: ‘Outlaw trucking at its finest’


Frank Bursick
Nominated by Frank Bursick, Girlfriend

Well, my man was born into trucking. His dad and most of his uncles started trucking back in the ’60s . He and his father are members of F.A.S.H, Federated Association of Steel Haulers, they are the ones that were in steel strikes and had gotten trucking deregulated from the government back in the ’60s.

Also, he is an owner /operator, hauls steel (heavy), and owns a Largecar, (Kenworth W9 studio with a 600 Cat motor, that they do not produce anymore). It is one badass ride that he maintains himself.

I love to go trucking king with him. It is outlaw trucking at its finest, heavy hauling steel haulers. If you only knew; if I could only really say.