Vikas Goel: ‘He is and always will be my best friend’


Vikas Goel
Nominated by Roshell Goel, Wife

VikasI love my trucker because even how mad I make him he always does the right things. He is always there for his family and always steps up when he needs too. We all love him so much!

He works so hard to make a good comfortable life for his children and family and never gets to reap the benefits of all the hard work he is doing. He has a gentle caring and loving soul. He deserves to be nominated several times over and over because you can never find a better man or a better friend. He is straight forward and blunt and that will always be there when you need him whether if it’s for yourself or a friend.

He is a man of many words and deserves to be recognized as a man with a true heart who’s only desire is to prove he can give his family everything. There are many people who look down on his profession but he still keeps his head up high and pushes for us all to do our best, and he is always trying to help someone in need if he can. He is and always will be my best friend.