See what happened when we said: ‘Tell us about trucker you luv’

Valerie Johnson told us why her husband Bobby is the trucker she luvs.Valerie Johnson told us why her husband Bobby is the trucker she luvs.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week has come and gone for another year, but the love many people express for the trucker in their life lingers on.

As it does every year, “Truckers News” asked people to tell us about the truck driver in their life, and why they are so special. We published each submission to “i Luv My Trucker” as they arrived.

But we also collected all the luv in once place, and here it is. Enjoy it!

Eric Anderson: ‘Never complains, never turns down a load’

Martin Armagnac: ‘He is always there when needed’

Linda Bebout: Changed her life & her career

Dennis Bergholz: ‘First to help anyone fix their truck’

Jeremy Birkhimer: ‘Amazing man, husband and father’

Todd Brockman: ‘The hardest working man I know’

Shawn Coll: ‘He works hard for our family’

Jimmy Conder: ‘The best father to 4 children’

Jonathan Cordero: ‘Wonderful knowing he found his passion in life’

Cathy Dufrene: ‘She is my strength and my inspiration’

John Duggins: ‘Always has my back’

Mike Duke: ‘He is a very hard worker’

Wayne Ellis: ‘What an amazing guy!’

Rudy Falcone: ‘He is a great provider and spouse’

Anthony Foster: ‘I love his ability to make me laugh’

Paul Fry: ‘He’s truly my knight in shining armor’

Alan Greenland: ‘He takes pride in his work’

Wendell Hampton: ‘Very caring a professional father!’

Mitchell Headen: ‘He is my best friend’

Matt Holmes: ‘We are perfect for each other!’

Paul Hoopingarner: ‘He has my heart and I have his’

Jeff Horton: ‘The kind of truck driver I’m glad is out there!’

Paul Howe: ‘He always calls to check how our day went’

Gene & Debbie Jacobs: ‘Amazing husband and wife team’

Charles Jenkins: ‘Unlike most stereotypical truck drivers’

Bobby Johnson: ‘Such a hard worker to provide for us’

Bruce Kilter: ‘His smile is contagious’

Danny Lane: ‘Safety first he always says no matter what’

Dusty Logsdon: ‘Never a dull moment’

Adam Lowry: ‘A trustworthy man of faith & a credit to his company’

Kevin Martin: ‘Puts his heart and soul in everything he does’

Susan McCurdy: ‘Where to next?’

Stephen Michaels: Improving the image of the trucker

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Bobby Miller: ‘Makes sure we’re taken care of’

Charlie Redgrave: ‘Thank you, babe, for all your hard work’

Remond Roberts: ‘So loving and patient’

Jason Romer: ‘Smile on his face and never complains’

Joe Schlotter: ‘Proud to call him a professional driver!’

Robert Smith: ‘Hard work, dedicated & wonderful husband’

Bill Spencer: ‘Can’t image my life without him’

Jeremy Stikeleather: ‘Amazing husband and father’

Dale Spaulding: ‘Needs a medal of honor for what he does’

Frank Tucker: ‘His decision changed our lives’

Donald Wayne: ‘Best thing that ever happened to me’

John Weil: ‘Helps me through my problems at home’

Paul White: ‘Takes great pride in all he does out there’

Rob Woollen: ‘The hardest worker I know’