Mike Hess: ‘I have been so blessed by my trucker’

Mike Hess
Nominated by Kimberly Hess, ife

MikeI love my trucking husband for so many reasons! By far not the easiest lifestyle to have for a family but he has been the best husband, father anyone could ask for! In spite of being on road for over 30 years, we have a strong marriage and he has a wonderful relationship with his girls! Family is very important to Mike and I love that he always made us a priority even when not home.

Since Mike was over the road for days a time, it gave me the availability to be a stay at home mom who homeschool the girls so that when he was home, the time was quality time! He was and is a provider for us! I have been so blessed by my Trucker Mike beyond what words can express! Here’s to “French Fry” from his “Green Eyes”!