Robert Gross: ‘Cares about others before himself’

Robert Gross
Nominated by Haley Gross, Wife

20994112 10154760990422256 8843935579025711612 NMy trucker is not only is a great husband and father but a very nice trucker on the road.

All the time he is taking time out of his day to help others. He once worked all day with a trucker that was out of work and helped him apply for several trucking jobs on line with his own phone. He should have been getting a load for himself but, no, he wanted to help this poor trucker get to a job. He sacrifices his own things to make sure his family is taken care of and only looks out for others. Daily he is helping people on the road that need help fixing their car or truck and is always so kind and considerate to others.

I love my trucker not just because he is my best friend and husband but because he cares about others before himself. My husband has been working so hard these past six years for others he should be recognized for some of the things he does.