Kim Reida: ‘Makes sacrifices for his family, for others too’

Kim Reida
Nominated by Jennifer Reida, Wife

ReidaI luv my trucker because of his tireless devotion to his family, to his country and to his fellow man.

He works so hard to take care of his family, to make sure that we are safe and taken care of. He takes time to make sure that we know that we are loved and cherished. When I was diagnosed with MS, he was right by my side. Anytime one of his children has needed him he was there.

My trucker makes sacrifices for his family, but for others too. I have caught him many times, helping out a fellow trucker, paying the check for a service member, or helping a family in need. He doesn’t like recognition for his kindness, he does it because he has such a big heart.

I luv my trucker, because he is my world. He has shown me how to love. He has shown me that in a scary world there are people who are full of kindness and compassion. He is a helper, and that is the greatest kind of person to be. I know that our family will be safe as long he is here.