Nebraska carrier increases driver pay

Updated Nov 19, 2017

W. N. Morehouse Truck Line Inc., which is located in Omaha, Nebraska, announce it was increasing pay for its drivers.

Effective Dec. 1, Morehouse will increase its starting pay for company drivers to 42¢ per mile and top out at 49¢ per mile for drivers with 10 or more years with the company. According to a statement from the company, experienced, top performing drivers could earn over $60,000 in their first year under the new pay package.

“This new pay package will be great for our existing drivers and make the decision to start working with us easier for potential new hires,” said Vice President Brad Morehouse. “We are putting this new pay scale in place to show how much we value the drivers who have worked with us over the long term and also to attract new hires who are looking for a company they can retire from.”

W. N. Morehouse Truck Line, Inc. is a fourth generation, family owned business located in business for 85 years. They hauling refrigerated products throughout the Midwest primarily. It has over 100 trucks and 170 trailers.