Listen to what it takes to find and hire the best drivers

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In a recent episode of the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett discusses what it takes to get the best drivers around. He is joined by Aaron Mowery and Kyle Jernigan from Randall-Reilly, the parent company of Truckers News. The company from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, provides data-driven solutions for sales and marketing in construction, trucking, and more.

Mowrey is the VP of strategic accounts and Jernigan is a digital marketing strategist. Together they have more than 30 years of experience helping organizations recruit truck drivers.

Kellett, Mowrey and Jernigan discuss:

  • What makes drivers happy and what they want improved
  • A data-driven approach to finding potential recruits
  • How recruiting drivers has changed in the Internet Age
  • Balancing the number of recruiting materials that potential truck drivers are exposed to
  • Companies are very serious about trying to recruit right now
  • Interactions on Facebook pages, phone calls, YouTube, and more

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