Newest Love's located in Durant, Oklahoma

Updated Aug 14, 2021
Durant Oklahoma Coffee Bar Roller Grill 400x300

Love’s Travel Stops Thursday, July 29, opened its newest location in Durant, Oklahoma.

The new store, which is located off U.S. Highway 70 (5278 W. Main St.) about 90 miles north of Dallas, has 13 truck parking spots.

This location is open 24/7 and has:

  • Chester’s Chicken
  • Godfather’s Pizza (opening Aug. 2)
  • Six diesel bays
  • Six showers
  • Laundry facilities
  • Fresh Kitchen concept
  • Mobile to Go Zone for electronics

“We’re excited to open our 81st location in our home state of Oklahoma and third in Durant,” said Greg Love, co-CEO of Love’s. “Our first travel stop in Durant will join our two country stores there and will help professional drivers and four-wheel traffic get back on the road safely and quickly while providing plenty of amenities and fresh food and drink options.”