Even more folks tell us 'i Luv My Trucker!'

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These are some lucky truck drivers to have people in their lives who love them like they do

And, these are some fortunate folks to have drivers who they say: 

  • " ... is eager to always get back home to spend time with the family."
  • "... sets the standard for what all men should strive to be like."
  • "... Handsom,  honest, loving."
  • "... is a very hard worker and my inspiration."

Here is the second installment of truck drivers who have been nominated by a loved one who told us why they are proud to say, "I Luv My trucker!"

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We earlier posted a number of trucker nominees in our event, and more will come later this week. Afterward, we'll select five to receive Subway gift cards as a modest appreciation and so they can have lunch on us one day on the road. 

And, thanks to all the folks who took time to tell us about the truckers they love. Here are more of those well-loved truck drivers:

16310700509018285866211736341592 (1)Nominated Trucker:  Mark Robert Murphy

Type of Driver: Company driver for Articulate Engineer

Nominated By: Darlene Allison, fiance

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "Handsom,  honest, loving ❤ A responsible 36 year-plus veteran who's seen it all and helps others all the time."

Alik jpeg (1)Nominated Trucker: Alizhon Prasolov

Type of Driver: Owner/operator for ALP Transportation LLC

Nominated By: Elena Prasolov, wife

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "I love my trucker because he is responsible, hard-working, punctual, fixes most issues when they arise with truck and trailer, therefore saves money on service, towing, etc. He knows how to use ELD. He is pretty much independent and never asks for help when it comes to parking, or finding shop etc. He works hard to provide for family of 5. He is over the road for a long period of time but is eager to always get back home to spend time with the family. He is selfless and always looking (out for the) interests of others. We always say a prayer for him while he is over the road. Even though he was involved in two semi-truck accidents within the past year, when other semi drivers hit him. He is back on the road and doesn't have fear of poor weather conditions or other irresponsible drivers over the road."

Nominated Trucker: Walter Debo

Type of Driver: Owner/operator for Peluso Movers

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Nominated By: Joann Rotz, fiance

Walt Debo Head Shot 2 (1)Why They Luv Their Trucker: "One major thing I have learned sharing the last several years with Walt; is that it is much harder emotionally and physically being an OTR truck driver than most think. He is cautious, safe, caring, authoritative, organized, uncomplicated, unselfish, and most of all hardworking. (Thats just while in his truck and away from home.) In our daily life; he is loving, thoughtful, funny, adventurous, reliable, and chivalrous; along with his smile and deep blue eyes that still jump-start my heart. Whether we are out on the road, at home, or exploring the world together; he is my partner through it all. Walt has worked nonstop through Covid helping families, corporate individuals, military, and medical personnel move from one destination to another. His customers love him and his strength through it all is unwavering. It takes a special human to be out on the road in a tractor-trailer in all kinds of weather, adversities, and even this cruel pandemic. He has persevered, been away from loved ones, and yet stays on the top of his game, all the while with a perfect driving record and CSI scores unmatched. It's always a good day/month/year when you can look at life through the windshield as you move forward, and not the rearview mirror. Walt is that person with a smile on his face as he does it. He makes me, and all of his family so very proud! Above all; I am blessed to share this lifetime of love and the sights, sounds, and excitement of the open highways with him. <3"

98c04aef96d14d6b99a8bdfe7d372ab6 jpeg (1)Nominated Trucker: Anthony Jones

Type of Driver: Owner/operator for Liv Transportation

Nominated By: Iesha Brantley, girlfriend

Why They Luv Their Trucker: I love my trucker because he is a very hard worker. He is determined, goal-oriented, and influential. ANYTHING he sets his mind to, he achieves it no matter how many hurdles he has to jump over. His “by any means necessary” lifestyle is very encouraging to me and those around him. My trucker sets the standard for what all men should strive to be like.

F93f332f72204d4fa624b1f817fb4474 jpeg (1)Nominated Trucker: Jerome Caldwell

Type of Driver: Company driver for SDA

Nominated By: Lashami Morrison, fiance

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "I love my amazing trucker because he is the most selfless, caring, and loving human being on this planet! My fiancé is a hard dedicated truck driver that makes sacrifices on a daily basis for his family. I love him dearly and appreciate everything he does ♥️😊"

20210903 221642 (1)Nominated Trucker: Demond Roberts

Type of Driver: Owner/operator with BW Mitchum

Nominated By: Thelma Sanders, wife

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "I  NOT only love my trucker but I honor, respect, and again love my trucker. Demond is not only a professional owner/operator but a great father and stepfather to his kids. Demond is the type of man who would take a week off of work to make sure he's home to drive his stepdaughter to Missouri for her first year of college. He's also the type of man who would do anything for you. Demond is my heart, and when the world says where are all the good men at I can truly say God gave me one. I honor you, love you, an so proud of you. Demond, I love you."

Nominated Trucker: Byron Knox

Type of Driver: Company driver for Planet Logistics

28f5dce9040f44029174bc04b9031ae1 jpeg (1)Nominated By: Marnita Knox, wife

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "I love my trucker because he is a very hard and dedicated worker. His appearance when working is always one that any owner or manager would appreciate. I love the fact that he is not just a driver but he makes sure that he represents his company well by keeping his truck clean and neat. He is also familiar with maintenance on the truck because he previously was a shop manager at a very large truck stop. Things that he can fix he will fix. Also, his paperwork is always neat and in order. He is an awesome guy and will lend a hand to any other truck driver that may need his help. He considers other truckers his trucking family. But most of all he is one that makes sure whatever he does is always done to the best of his ability."

Nominated Trucker: Michael Etling

3ddb4a58ddea4c4883ac42effca827de jpeg (1)Type of Driver: Owner/operator with Panda Express

Nominated By: Annah Pishko, girlfriend

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "He’s hardworking, he loves his job. More importantly, he loves his family and he provides for us. I don’t know what I’d do without him, he has some bumpy roads but he always gets through the hard days and I’m right there with him."

Nominated Trucker: Larry Isbell

Type of Driver: Owner/operator for XPO

8d38c1e04fcc4a62809493b03d4879db jpeg (1)Nominated By: Terry Isbell, wife

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "My husband and I have teamed together going on 14 years. We live in our truck. If you can live together in a truck and love each other you have got something great (And, boy, do I!) This man has my back at all times. He tells anyone that will listen how much he loves me and how I am the best thing that ever happened to him. I think the same thing about him. He is the most loving and giving man. I’m the luckiest woman alive just to share my life with him."

Nominated Trucker: Karen Bandzak

Type of Driver: Company Driver for JP2 Logging

Nominated By: Kristy Bandzak, daughter

20210712 094811 (1)Why They Luv Their Trucker: "She is a very hard worker and my inspiration ❤ She has sacrificed so much to raise me and my sister to the best of her ability. She made choices to start this incredible career and go get her CDL when we were little, to give us a better life. She's up way before the crack of dawn to get to the woods 🪵 to get loaded and to the mills. And sometimes she doesn't get home until close to dark or after. She is an amazing Mama, and grandmother to my 3-year-old daughter. I am very lucky and blessed to have her as my Mama and my baby's grandmother 🙏🙏"