More folks tell us why they say 'i Luv My Trucker'

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While National Truck Driver Appreciation Week may have come and gone, we still have some folks who told Truckers News why they luv their truckers.

One of these drivers has been on the road for three years, another for 30. No matter how long they have been trucking, the folks who nominated them appreciate the hard work they do and why they do it.

As one person said of their trucker, "He is so dedicated to his family as well as his job."

That about says it all.

Here are the latest truckers who are well-luved by those who nominated them.

Nick (1)Nominated Trucker: Rickey Nichols

Type of Driver: Company driver for ABCO

Nominated By: Susan Nichols, his wife

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "He always goes that extra step to make sure his load is delivered as promised. He is kind and courteous to the customer and his fellow workers. He loves what he does and he has for 30 years."

Inbound4749834987260062082Nominated Trucker: David Lancaster

Type of Driver: Company driver for Collins Trucking

Nominated By: Judy Thackston, fiance

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "I Love my trucker because he is a truck driver that is old school not a steering wheel holder. He drives a lot of miles to provide for us, He makes sure I have everything I need (and) even things I just want. Understandable, I know he loves me unconditionally. Our grandbabies couldn't have a better Papa, We miss him when he is OTR. He makes up for it when he gets back home. I also want to recognize all the other truckers out there: Thank you for everything you do so we have everything we need."

Fb Img 1631570967051Nominated Trucker: Alford Taylor

Type of Driver: Company driver for Schneider

Nominated By: G. Davenport, fiance

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "Alford works tirelessly every week driving across the western 11 to provide for his family. He sacrifices time away from his family just to make sure that someone else's family has food on the table. He is so hardworking and dedicated to a profession that he once upon a time only dreamed of achieving. Not without challenges, he handles every obstacle with grace. He prides himself on putting the needs of others first and lending a helping hand whenever and however he can. Whether it's helping out a new driver, putting in extra time just to ensure a delivery is made on time, or giving to the homeless; Alford's efforts and selflessness ought to be commended."

105314392 1192411451113439 2956771320281740922 NNominated Trucker: Jason Reynolds

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Type of Driver: Owner/Operator leased to Quality Carriers

Nominated By: Kimberly Reynolds, spouse

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "My trucker has been through a lot in his lifetime -- from a car wreck that made him immobile, and he had to learn to walk all over again, to a trauma-filled incident in which his children were dumped from 50 feet above from a Ferris wheel. His strength and compassion for others has never wavered! He loves everyone and supports everyone and he works so hard. He is the best. Literally. I am eternally grateful that he chose me to be his life partner and I have no idea how I would ever do this life without him."

153fb8af55c8463cb9d0403234ef8d91 jpegNominated Trucker: Joshua Young

Type of Driver: Company driver for Puryear

Nominated By: Ashley Young, wife

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "My husband has wanted to be a truck driver since he was little. About three years ago he put in the work to realize his dream. He loves what he does and loves his family even more. I love him because he is passionate about his career and about providing for me and our two kids."

091c56d1b41f46319bb09a13f7981969 jpegNominated Trucker: Carter Perry

Type of Driver: Owner/operator for US Xpress

Nominated By: Tammie Perry, wife

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "I love my driver because he is a hard-working man (who) always goes above and beyond for his family. He is so dedicated to his family as well as his job. He loves and supports his children and grandchildren and being around him is never a dull moment. We appreciate and love him for all he does.❤️"

0906211914g (1)Nominated Trucker: Tom Maxim

Type of Driver: Company driver for Bur Trans

Nominated By: Tina Maxim, wife

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "I  love my husband trucker Tom because he supports me with his dedicated work as a driver Monday thru Friday, sometimes working on Saturday getting out of bed early to deliver the supplies to those in need. He has to be away from me and his three rottweilers Sierra, Weiler, and Arreis all week. I thank you, Tommy, for doing what you do."

20210727 180951Nominated Trucker: Frank Cantrell

Type of Driver: Company driver for H & O Transport

Nominated By: Rhonda Cantrell, wife

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "Because he has a heart of gold, He will help anyone that needs it, He is very handsome. The love of my life. He will take any load his company wants him to. He is a great driver and safe driver. I love my trucker to the moon and back. He loves to spend time with me."

Screenshot 20201015230241 (1)Nominated Trucker: Mario Carrano

Type of Driver: Company driver for Earl Henderson

Nominated By: Tona Carrano, wife

Why They Luv Their Trucker: "My trucker sacrifices a lot to provide for his family, plus he is a natural-born trucker! He loves his job and the feeling of those eighteen wheels a rolling.