Trucking, warehousing could get a Lego design of their own

Updated Dec 27, 2021
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These are the days when toys reign supreme for kids. And, it seems, for some folks who are a bit older.

Thomas Geurts, a customs administrator for Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in the Netherlands, designed a Lego set aimed at celebrating logistics, transport, and trucking, and is hoping it gets enough support to be made into an official Lego set.

In designing his set, which he calls Transport, Inc., Geurts wanted to create something that would be fun for kids and get them interested in logistics, specifically the warehousing sector.

The proposed Lego set features a truck, a forklift, and a pallet jack; an office where drivers would check-in; a warehouse space with storage racks for freight; and a canteen/break room. 

Geurts submitted the idea in the Lego Ideas program, which requires public support through votes in order for the set to be considered by Lego to be made into an official set. Currently, Transport Inc. has more than 1,900 votes with more than 500 days remaining to hit 10,000 votes. If his Idea gets to 5,000 votes within that time frame, an additional six months will be added to the time to get to 10,000 votes. Anyone interested in supporting Geurts' project can vote for it here