Delicious dozen: Flock Freight offers list of top places for roadside eats

Updated Apr 25, 2023
South of the Border sign
South of the Border

Have a favorite place to stop for something to eat when you have the time and want to enjoy a delicious meal?

If not, Flock Freight, an online service that says it "... pools freight in the most efficient way possible — bringing shippers more cost-effective options while helping carriers keep their trucks (and wallets) full," has some ideas for you. It recently compiled a list of what it calls the Top Roadside Eats in America.

The list includes:

  1. Iowa 80 Kitchen at Iowa 80 Truckstop, Walcott, Iowa
  2. White's Delia at White's Travel Center, Raphine, Virginia
  3. South of the Border (Porky's Truck Stop), Hamer, South Carolina
  4. Dysart's Restaurant and Truck Stop, Hermon, Maine
  5. Country Grill Restaurant at 45 Truckstop, Corinth, Mississippi
  6. Copan Restaurant at Copan Truck Stop, Copan, Oklahoma
  7. Prett Dhaba at Pendleton Truck Stop, Foss, Oklahoma
  8. Omar's Hi-Way Chef at Triple T Truck Stop, Tucson, Arizona
  9. Willow Ranch Restaurant, Buttonwillow, California
  10. River City Grill, Missoula, Montana
  11. Julia Belle's, Florence, South Carolina
  12. Lucille's Roadhouse, Weatherford, Oklahoma

(See each restaurant's completed review here.)

Flock Freight says it compiled the list based on:

  • Truck parking
  • The convenience of its location 
  • Quality food and service
  • Operating hours
  • Locality or historical significance 
  • Amenities like laundry facilities and showers

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