5 apps that can help you get, stay healthy

best apps

What’s the best piece of equipment to help you lose weight, get fitter and maintain your emotional/mental well-being while on the road:

  1. Portable rowing machine?
  2. Traveling scale?
  3. In cab cooking equipment?
  4. Personal trainer in the jump seat?

Actually, all of those can help, but are not nearly as convenient or cost-effective as your constant companion: a smart phone, or for those who carry one, a tablet.

Android or iPhone, there are numerous apps you can download – many for free – to help your efforts to eat healthier, exercise regularly and generally feel better.

Most are inexpensive or even free. However, Many require purchases of some helpful features once it is on your phone. Be sure to read the reviews and look for “in-app purchases” in whichever app store you shop at online.

Fooducate is a website that offers both iPhone and Android apps to help you make wiser food choices wherever you are. It can be most helpful when you are on the road and need to hit the grocery store after a day on the road.

Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout is meant to be as convenient as it is helpful. It bills itself as the workout you can do anytime and anywhere; no special equipment required. This app provides a guided workout and helps you track your progress.

If you are counting calories, Calorie Counter is the website/app to help you do it well. Not only can you get the calorie count for the food you buy at the grocery store or truck stop, it has counts for restaurant foods as well. An invaluable tool for the road.

Pacer is a pedometer – tracking how far you walk – but also helps you in your weight loss efforts and in monitoring your blood pressure. All good things for the driver with limited time, but important fitness goals.

Think of this one as taking your family physician along with you on your next trip. WebMD is a go-to online source for a variety of medical needs. Its newest app helps you with a variety of wellness issues: weight control, fitness, blood sugar, sleep, symptoms and even local listings for health car providers if you need one while traveling.

Check Google Play for these apps and others, and see all the health and fitness apps offered on iTunes.