Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers exercise gear for drivers

Mercedes-Benz offers exercise equipment

One major truck manufacturer is trying to help drivers get and stay fit while on the road.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks is now offering the “TopFit Set” as an accessory for truck drivers who want to exercise while on the road. Designed for use in truck cabs, the set enables the user to strengthen parts of the body most subject to stresses while driving.
For the time being, the “TopFit Set” is available on in Europe.
The set includes a plywood board to which two metal eyelets are attached. Tubes — rubber training straps — attached to these with a spring clip.  The stands on the board, which is sized to fit between the seats of a truck, and lifts against the tension of the tubes as they stretch. The TopFit set comes with handles to attach to the tubes and a carrying bag.
Four videos, each aimed at a different level of fitness, are available to TopFit users. Each contains six exercises aimed at developing the neck, shoulders, upper arms, abdomen and upper/lower back. The videos are on a DVD included with the TopFit. The workouts will also be available in  “Fitness Coach” portion of the FleetBoard Driver app for Android users.
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