Drink Up: 5 health benefits of drinking coffee

Coffee has numerous health benefits

If you are a coffee drinker — and who among us isn’t? — there’s good news about the health benefits of that cup of steamy black goodness you have in your hand.

An article in The New York Times today cites several studies that show coffee is more than just a great way to start your day. According to the article, says:

  • People who consumed about three to five cups a day, were at the lowest risk for heart problems.
  • Drinking two to six cups of coffee a day was associated with a lower risk of stroke disease, compared with drinking none.
  • Increasing your coffee intake by two cups a day was associated with a lower risk of liver cancer.
  • Coffee can also help protect drinkers from liver disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
  • Drinking six or seven cups a day can help reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes