Portable app-based blood pressure monitor available

iHealth’s Ease BP3L System (Image courtesy of iHealth Lab)

If you’re a truck driver dealing with high blood pressure, iHealth Lab has launched some technology that could help in your efforts to keep it under control.

The iHealth Ease Blood Pressure Monitor (BP3L) is a portable app-based blood pressure monitoring system. It’s been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and has a suggested retail price of $39.99, which includes app features for your smartphone, as well as free, unlimited data storage. 

The system is controlled by MyVitals, the company’s free health app for smartphones and tablets. For truckers, this means a portable way to track your blood pressure while on the road and build a log of data, which you can share with your physician.

The device is compatible with most Android Android 4.0+ and Apple iOS7 or later devices. It can be purchased online through WalMart, Amazon and Best Buy.