5 cardio exercises to get you moving

Cardio exercises can vary in their intensity to fit your fitness level and don’t often require equipment, making them a great starting point for the trucker resolving to be healthier in the new year.

These five cardio exercises will help get you up and moving as you start building up your personal fitness routine.

If you’re looking for more exercises, you can try these five truck cab-friendly dumbbell exercises or these five bodyweight exercises.

Be sure to consult a physician before beginning any fitness program.

1. Bear Crawl

Kneel on your hands and knees facing the direction you plan to crawl. Raise your knees off the floor but keep your hips low. Crawl forward while keeping your hips low. You can increase intensity by crawling faster.

2. High Knee Run

Stand with your arms slightly bent to your sides. Lift your heel slightly and bend the knee of your lead leg. Life your lead leg and step forward while swinging the apposite arm up. Begin lifting your second lets and its opposite arm before planting your lead foot. Continue movement on the opposite side, alternating quickly between sides.

3. Mountain Climber

Place your hands on the floor, positioned slightly wider than shoulder width. On your forefeet, position one of your legs forward bent under your body and extend your other leg back. Hold your upper body in place and alternate your leg positions by pushing your hips up while immediately extending the forward leg back and pulling the rear leg forward under your body, landing on both your forefeet simultaneously.

4. Burpee

Stand upright with your arms to your sides. Bend over and squat down. Place your hand on the floor, positioning them slightly wider than shoulder width. Hold your upper body in place and kick your legs back. Land on your forefeet with your body straight in plank position. Keep your upper body in place and pull your legs forward under your body returning your feet in original position. Rise up to your original standing posture.

5. Crab Walk

Stand wide with your knees, hips and arms bent and your chest up. Step sideways in the direction you plan to go, with your lead leg. Side step with your trailing leg and push off the second side step with your lead leg before landing on the trailing leg. Continue in a shuffling pattern until you reach your desired point.