Keep these healthy snacks packed in your truck

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Updated Feb 10, 2017
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Snacking can be healthy if you’ve got the right options on hand. Dietitians Sharon Madalis and April Rudat offer some trucker-specific snack suggestions in their book, “Truck Drivers: Stop Your Job From Killing You! The Dietitians’ Guide to Smart Eating and Healthy Living for Truckers.”

A refrigerator or cooler is needed for these items.

Here’s what the dietitians suggest you bring with you for healthier snack options while you’re on the road:

  • String cheese
  • Reduced fat cheese
  • Light cheese bites
  • Single-serving containers of cottage cheese
  • Fat free of low fat 1% milk
  • Light yogurt
  • Portable yogurt
  • Drinkable yogurt smoothies or shotes (less than 100 calories and three grams fat)
  • Healthy cold meat (turkey, chicken, lean ham, lean roast beef)
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Baby carrots or other cut vegetables (cucumbers, celery, pepper strips)
  • Low fat dips and salsas

If none of that sounds appetizing to you, Madalis and Rudat offer guidelines for reading labels to find healthy snack choices.

A healthy snack will have, per serving:

  • Less than 150 calories
  • 5 grams of fat or less
  • Less than 25 grams of carbohydrate if you have diabetes
  • If you have pre-diabetes, choose sugar free foods when possible