Carry a few extra pounds? 4 tips on how to shed them

Updated Mar 6, 2020

Fit For The Road Logo HeadersIf you’re overweight — and we mean you, the driver and not your truck — you already know it and more than likely are trying and have tried in the past to make changes. Those changes come hard for most of us, but especially for truckers given the sedentary nature of your job.

But, there are two things you need to know:

  1. You’re not alone. A new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that fully four in 10 Americans are obese and one in 10 are severely obese. The numbers are even higher for truckers.
  2. There are things you can do about it, and they do not involve crash diets and doing your trip planning to take you past a gym for a workout when you’re done driving for the day. You didn’t put the extra weight on all at once, and you can’t get rid of it quickly either.

This infographic from the CDC explains why it’s especially important for truckers to keep an eye on their weight, and offers some tips on what you can do to shed some of the extra pounds.

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