Oregon increases speed limits on some roads March 1

Traffic will begin to move along a bit faster legally in much of Oregon starting next month as speeds on some highways are increased.
Legislation approved last July and signed by Gov. Kate Brown allows travelers to legally drive at higher speeds on part of Interstate 84 and several secondary highways. The Oregon Department of Transportation has been changing road markings and installing new speed limit signs.
New speed limit signs readied for some Oregon roads (Photo by Oregon DOT)
The higher speed limits take effect March 1. According to ODOT, highways and their speed limit changes include:
  • Interstate 84 east of The Dalles, the speed limits increase to 70 mph for cars and 65 for trucks. (Be aware the increased speed limits do not apply to sections of the interstate within city limits, or in places with lower posted speed limits.)
  • U.S. 95 between the Idaho and Nevada lines will raise to 70 mph for cars and 65 mph for trucks 
  • U.S. Highways 97 and 197, drivers in cars will be able to legally drive 65 mph between The Dalles and Klamath Falls, while trucks will be limited to 60 mph.
  • Highway 31 between La Pine and Valley Falls and U.S. Highway 20 speed limits for folks heading east to Ontario will be raised to 65 mph for cars, and 60 mph for trucks. 
See full description of law change in HB 3402 and locations of changes in the ODOT’s Speed Increase Map.