Truck parking problems grow in Tulsa

Truck parking is a problem wherever one drives, and it’s especially true of Tulsa where there are only three truck stops anymore.

According to a recent media report, the area has less than 280 truck parking spaces. There are two Quik Trips, with less than 40 spaces each, and a Flying J Travel Plaza with 200 spaces, according to Fox 23. 

Driver Steve Bussone explained the problem drivers have finding a place to park when their mandatory rest break looms.

“Granted, we work long, hard hours and we have to places to stop,” said Bussone.

The report cited Oklahoma Department of Highway Safety statistics that shows there were more than 5,000 truck accidents in the state in 2014, and that nearly 200 of them were caused by what it called “incapacitated drivers.”

See Fox 23’s report.