Anti-toll event planned for next week in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Trucking Association and the National Association of Truck Stop Operators announced today that they will host an informational rally and press conference Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 11 a.m. to discuss what they call “the devastating effects” that “RhodeWorks” — the Rhode Island Department of Transportation’s truck-only tolling plan — will have on local businesses and commercial truck drivers that operate within the state.

The gathering will be held at the TravelCenters of America located at 849 Victory Highway in West Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Appearing at the press conference are:

  • Chris Maxwell, President, Rhode Island Trucking Association
  • Lisa Mullings, NATSO, President and CEO     
  • Rep. Justin Price (R-R.I.)  
  • Rep. Sherry Roberts (R-R.I.)

RhodeWorks authorizes the Rhode Island Department of Transportation to toll commercial vehicles within the state. 

Organizers say that although revenue is supposed to go toward funding the repair and replacement of bridges throughout the state, there are no legal requirements that the money raised be used in this manner.  What’s more, according to the event’s organizers, tolls significantly increase the costs of shipped goods and divert trucks off of the interstate onto local roads. Also, RhodeWorks will have serious negative effects for local businesses, which will have to pay more for the goods that they sell, as well as Rhode Island towns and communities that rely on these businesses’ tax revenue to grow and thrive, according to a statement from the groups.