Does ‘ignominious death’ await speed limiter rule?

Writing in his Channel 19 blog on Overdrive, Senior Editor Todd Dills quotes Joe Rajkovacz of the Western States Trucking Association on the topic of the proposed speed limiter rule. Rajkovacz was addressing attendees of the National Association of Small Trucking Companies conference in Nashville earlier this month. He said:

“’In truth,’ said Rajokvacz, ‘I think this is one of those rulemakings that is going to die an ignominious death … especially in light of the new administration coming into Washington.’ Rajkovacz presents an argument that, given the benefit side of the cost-benefit equation in calculations included in the NHTSA/FMCSA co-produced proposal is heavily tilted toward fuel savings, NHTSA should have pursued this rulemaking not with the motor carrier safety agency but with EPA. Without environmental savings, Rajkovacz contends, the speed-limiter proposal never gets out of the White House Office of Management and Budget due to a lopsided cost-benefit analysis.”

What do you think? Will the Trump administration reject the proposed rule? Should the proposed be dumped? Use the comments section below to weigh in.

Just a reminder, your opportunity to comment on the proposed speed limiter rule is coming to a close. You can comment here until Dec. 7.