Idaho adds weigh-in-motion system on I-15

If you drive through Idaho’s Inkom Point of Entry scale on I-15 in the southeastern part of the state will find a new weigh-in-motion/automatic vehicle identification system has been installed.

New weigh-in-motion technology added to I-15 weigh station in IdahoNew weigh-in-motion technology added to I-15 weigh station in Idaho

The Idaho Transportation Department said the new system will allow trucks that meet size and weight requirements to bypass the scale. ITD said more than half the trucks passing through the system at highway speeds will get a green light and be allowed to drive on. Drivers will get a red light if anything shows up to be illegal, or for a random inspection.

As a truck approaches the scale, censors in the road will register the vehicle’s weight and axle configuration, and it will verify that the truck is running at legal weight, height and length. The vehicle identification system checks the truck’s safety rating and credentials.

The state estimates some 3,100 commercial vehicles will pass through the system each day.
“The possibilities are exciting,” said David Hankla, who manages ITD Ports of Entry in eastern and southeastern Idaho. “The system has been fine-tuned compared to earlier installations, so the potential upside is tremendous.”
Similar systems have been installed at the East Boise Point of Entry, the Huetter POE in Coeur d’Alene and at the Lewiston POE. ITD plans to implement the system at the Stage Junction POE south of the Montana border later this year.