Trucker helps deputy capture violent woman

A truck driver helped a law enforcement officer capture a woman who assaulted her father and grandmother and protect a toddler the woman was carrying.

Truck driver Tom Parker (Photo from KCEN video)Truck driver Tom Parker (Photo from KCEN video)

Driver Tom Parker was about to settle into his bunk for the night at a truck stop on I-35 in Salado, Texas Sunday, March 5, when he saw a woman running through the parking lot. Then he saw a Bell County Sheriff’s deputy was in pursuit.

Parker asked if the deputy needed help and when the cop said yes, Parker entered the chase.

The two men stopped the woman and Parker managed to get the 2-year-old out of the woman’s arms. In the process, the woman, identified as 30-year-old Virginia Lynn Ewton of Round Rock, Texas, bit the deputy.

She was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a public servant and endangering a child.

KCEN-TV reports the altercation occurred while Ewton, her father, grandmother and child were driving south on I-35. KCEN adds: “Investigators believe the vehicle stopped roughly one mile south of a rest area, where Ewton stabbed her father multiple times with a knife. Officials also said she fought her grandmother, who suffered ‘several bites’ to the arm.”