FedEx driver has high score in Wyoming contest

Allan MacDonald (Image Courtesy of Wyoming Trucking Association)Allan MacDonald (Image Courtesy of Wyoming Trucking Association)

Twenty-eight Wyoming drivers competed in the state’s Truck Driving Championships in Cheyenne, June 10. Allan MacDonald, a driver for FedEx Express, won the award for the highest overall score.

Drivers competing in the championships had to take a written exam, participate in a personal interview, perform pre-trip inspection exercises and a enter a driving competition.

The winners, by category, were:

L.E. Meredith Award for Highest Overall Score: Allan MacDonald, FedEx Express 

Highest Written Exam Score (tied): Warren Terrell and Daniel Brandt, both of Walmart Transportation

Personal Interview High Score (tied): Allan MacDonald of FedEx Express and Mal Redding of Old Dominion Freight Lines

Pre-Trip Award: Nathan Renteria, FedEx Express

Highest Individual Score for Driving Skills: Todd Jones, Old Dominion Freight Lines

Rookie of the Year: Jacob Lowe, FedEx Freight

Step Van: Al MacDonald, FedEx Express

Straight Truck: Derek Gorrell, FedEx Freight

3-Axle: Todd Jones, Old Dominion Freight Line

4-Axle: Randy Ferguson, Old Dominion Freight Lines

5-Axle: Steven Maertz, FedEx Freight

Flatbed: Dan Brandt, Walmart Transportation

Sleeper Berth: Warren Terrell, Walmart Transportation

Tank Truck: Mark Oliva, Walmart Transportation

Twin Trailer: Jacob Lowe, FedEx Freight

Team Trophy: FedEx Freight