Tough Tested to help celebrate MATS 2 GATS challenge


ToughTested sponsors several events at the Great American Truck Show, which is Aug. 24-26 in Dallas.

The company hosts party a party Friday, Aug. 25 to celebrate the conclusion of the MATS 2 GATS Fitness Challenge, organized in partnership with driver Tom Kyrk.  The ultimate goal was for members of the trucking community to collectively lose 2,000 pounds between the 2017 Mid-America Truck Show, held in Louisville in March, and the start of GATS.

Kyrk will reveal the weight loss total at the Landstar Health and Wellness Pavilion Friday afternoon.

ToughTested is also sponsoring: 

  • Concerts by truck driver and country music artist Bill Weaver
  • Cooking demonstrations, healthy recipe tips, and driver health discussions with Kyrk
  • Autographs and photos with NASCAR driver Cassie Gannis
  • A vehicle safety roundtable discussion with Weaver, Kyrk, Gannis, and truck driver George Parker