Which are 10 most dangerous highways for truckers?


No one has to tell you that driving U.S. highways is no walk in the park.

But, which of this country’s highways are the most dangerous?

Zonar, a Seattle-based fleet management technology company, helped identify the 10 most dangerous highways for truckers. The company also points out that this time of year as holiday shipping hammers down, driving these bits of blacktop can become even more difficult.

The company cites Department of Transportation data to name the top 10 most dangerous roads for truck drivers based on the number of accidents between 2013-2016. And, they are:

  • I-10 in Alabama
  • I-95 in Florida
  • HWY 75 in Idaho
  • I-40 in Arkansas
  • US-1 in Florida
  • M-20 in Michigan
  • I-80 in Colorado
  • HWY 5 in Colorado
  • I-70 in Maryland
  • SC-35 in South Carolina

Any surprises? Have a dangerous drive you’d add to the list? Use the comments section below to weigh in … and stay safe on these and other highways!


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