Penske Logistics honors drivers for long, safe careers


Penske Logistics recently introduced a new three-tiered program to recognized the safest of its 4,500 truck drivers.

The company’s new Premier Driver Recognition Program highlights drivers for safe driving records based on how many years they have been without an accident. The program’s three tiers are Diamond level (20 years), Platinum (15 years) and Gold (10 years).

The first class features 26 drivers in the Diamond Program. The Platinum and Gold programs will debut in 2018, the company says.

The drivers recognized for 20 years of safe driving were:

  • Steve Bowman, Michigan
  • Ernest Cobb, Michigan
  • Steven Cole, Ohio
  • Raymond Coletta, Michigan
  • Peter Dahmer, Ontario
  • Rene Garcia, Florida
  • Humberto Garza, Texas
  • Gary Graf, Michigan
  • Tim Hauck, Michigan
  • John Haworth, Ohio
  • Kevin Johnson, Florida
  • Greg Kent, Ontario
  • Mike Kinnard, Missouri
  • John Merritts, Ohio
  • Joe Miller, Pennsylvania
  • Louis Patton III, Kansas
  • Allen Pingel, Michigan
  • Bob Poore, Indiana
  • Jaime Rios, Florida
  • Pat Schott, Missouri
  • Donald Shuster, Michigan
  • Ted Welbaum, Ohio
  • Larry Woodruff, Ohio
  • Dan Worden, Michigan
  • Brad Wright, Ohio
  • Don Yonkman, Michigan