Two truckers surprised to learn they are father and son

Updated Sep 9, 2018

Two truck drivers working at the same company were taken aback when they realized they were father and son.

Nathan Boos was adopted when he was a baby but had never been curious about his biological parents, according to a report from The Washington Post. Boos works for Rock Solid Transport out of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. It was there that he met fellow truck driver Robert Degaro, and the two became friends, according to the Post.

Boos’ adoptive mother recognized Degaro’s name and made the connection that the two truckers and friends were actually father and son; Degaro is Boos’ biological father. She broke the news to her son, who was shocked to find out that he was related to the friend that he’d worked with for two years. Degaro was similarly surprised to learn that Boos, his friend, and fellow trucker, was also his biological son.

Read the complete report from The Washington Post to learn more about how the two discovered their biological connection.