FMCSA offers tips on ELD data transfer


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has created a guide drivers can keep in their trucks and refer to if they have questions about transferring data from their electronic logging device.

In issuing the guide, the FMCSA said:

To assist the motor carrier industry with adopting ELDs, FMCSA has developed a new resource for drivers. Designed to be printed and stored under the visor of a CMV, this guide gives the driver a high-level overview of the various data transfer processes and includes some tips on troubleshooting common questions that could arise during data transfer.

This guide is not meant to replace driver training on using ELDs. All motor carriers must ensure that drivers and administrative staff are educated on how to access the various functions in the ELDs with which their vehicles are equipped.

The guide can be downloaded here. 

Here’s what it includes:

ELD support help guide
Eld Card 2 Eld Card 3 Eld Card 4