Pennsylvania adjusts some truck restrictions

Updated Feb 6, 2019

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has adjusted some of the commercial vehicle restrictions in connection with the winter storm in the Northeast.

It says:

The commercial ban went into effect at noon and includes all commercial traffic, including buses, though tow truck operators may perform their operations for motorists.

Due to a reduction in anticipated storm severity in the southeast and south-central regions, the ban is in effect on all interstates except Interstate 95, I-676, I-476, I-76, and I-276 in southeastern Pennsylvania.

The ban is also in effect on the U.S. 22 expressway in the Lehigh Valley and the Pennsylvania Route 33 expressway in Northampton and Monroe counties. 

At 2:30 p.m., the ban (was to) be lifted from I-83, I-81 south of I-83, I-283, and the Turnpike from the New Jersey state line to the Carlisle exit.

A 45-mph speed restriction is in place on I-80 from the Ohio State line to I-99, as well as I-376 in Mercer and Lawrence counties. Additional speed restrictions on interstates and expressways may be implemented as the storm progresses.