Tank truck group makes ‘strategic donations’


The National Tank Truck Carriers Board of Directors earlier this month approved $47,500 in what it calls “strategic donations” over the next five years to six organizations.

On Feb. 10, the board approved a total of $47,500 be given to:

  • Trucking Moves America Forward
  • Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates
  • American Trucking Associations Litigation Center
  • Virginia Trucking Association, which is fighting tolls on Interstate 81
  • Oregon Trucking Association, which opposes state environmental laws that would undermine the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s role as a nationwide regulator
  • Federal Excise Tax Repeal Coalition

“The NTTC’s strategic funding initiatives underscore the importance of unity within the varied segments of trucking,” said NTTC President Dan Furth. “We’re extremely pleased to extend our commitments on the industry’s image and anti-tolling campaigns.”