Tank truck group makes ā€˜strategic donationsā€™


The National Tank Truck Carriersā€™ Board of Directors earlier this month approved $47,500 in what it calls ā€œstrategic donationsā€ over the next five years to six organizations.

On Feb. 10, the board approved a total of $47,500 be given to:

  • Trucking Moves America Forward
  • Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates
  • American Trucking Associations Litigation Center
  • Virginia Trucking Association, which is fighting tolls on Interstate 81
  • Oregon Trucking Association, which opposes state environmental laws that would undermine the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencyā€™s role as a nationwide regulator
  • Federal Excise Tax Repeal Coalition

ā€œThe NTTCā€™s strategic funding initiatives underscore the importance of unity within the varied segments of trucking,ā€ said NTTC President Dan Furth. ā€œWeā€™re extremely pleased to extend our commitments on the industryā€™s image and anti-tolling campaigns.ā€