Spill of animal remains closes Texas highway

Updated Apr 14, 2019

Motorists’ morning commute Wednesday on Highway 59 in Sugarland, Texas southwest of Houston was slowed when a trucker spilled their load of remains of slaughtered cattle and just kept driving.

Authorities say a hazmat team cleaned up several hundred pounds of the remains, closing much of the major highway for most of the morning. Local police told KTRK-TV they found small amounts of the remains along the northbound highway. The spill occurred at about 8:30 a.m.

A witness reportedly got the license plate of the truck and police have been trying to contact the truck’s owner, who is said to be based in Franklin, Texas.

The TV station quoted one distressed commuter: “See that’s the type of people we don’t need in this world, especially here in Houston, there’s so much traffic everywhere.”