California DMV systems outage delayed permits for 5,600 fleets


Some 5,600 California-based trucking companies were impacted by a systems outage at the California Department of Motor Vehicles that caused delays in issuing motor carrier permits required to operate in the state.

California requires all property-carrying trucking companies to have an MCP and to renew it annually.

A scheduled computer update in mid-February “created a systems problem that resulted in a backlog of about 5,600 Motor Carrier Permits from being issued on time,” said Marty Greenstein, public information officer for the California DMV. Greenstein added that the problem was corrected in early March, clearing the backlog weeks ago.

California Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R-Fresno), disputed that claim. He told local news outlet Fox 40 on April 8  that there are trucking companies “who have hundreds of trucks who, as of this very day, still have not gotten their permits.”

Greenstein noted some companies could see a delay in receiving their permit due to other factors such as application errors and late filing.

The California Trucking Association has been working with its member companies that experienced delays in receiving their permits.

“We aren’t sure how many of our members have been subjected to the delays, but we have heard from a few,” said Eric Sauer, CTA senior vice president of governmental affairs. “This was in response to CTA becoming aware of possible delays and reaching out to our members asking if they have been subjected to delays obtaining their MCP. We are working with the DMV to get the ones we are aware of resolved. We are also in communication with the California Highway Patrol regarding the delays as well.”

For any carriers who still have not received their MCP, Joe Rajkovacz with the Western States Trucking Association suggests keeping a copy of the renewal application and check submitted in the truck to show the California Highway Patrol if pulled over for an inspection.