C.R. England deploys video-based safety program

CR England

C.R. England is installing the SmartDrive Systems video-based safety program throughout its entire 4,400-plus truck fleet.

The program consists of a forward-facing camera and collects telematics data from the truck to combine with the video to provide a more complete picture. The program can monitor whether the throttle or brake was applied, the speedometer information and if a driver was using cruise control. There is no driver-facing component to the camera.

“That’s extremely valuable to know if the driver is pushing the brake or the throttle and that’s just one example,” said Colin England, C.R. England’s director, accident prevention.” The rest of that information, you combine all of that together and I think you get a much better picture of what’s actually happening rather than just looking at a video,” 

Deployment of the system throughout the entire fleet is expected to be completed in 2020.

C.R. England is headquartered in Salt Lake City.