Love’s debuts Middle Eastern restaurant

Love’s_Naf Naf

Love’s Travel Stops is introducing a new food concept to its professional truck driver and four-wheel customers with its first-ever Naf Naf Middle Eastern Grill. The restaurant opened Monday at the Love’s Travel Stop in Greenup, Illinois, and offers customers a variety of handmade Middle Eastern food choices.

Naf Naf offers signature bold flavor options such as pillowy pita, savory chicken shawarma, hummus, crispy falafel and more. Love’s plans to open an additional 10 Naf Naf locations in the next five years.

“We are always looking for new and different concepts we believe will fill the needs of both professional and four-wheel traffic,” said Caitlin Campbell, a Love’s spokesperson. “We decided on Naf Naf because of the growing popularity of that style of food.”

“Our customers love options, especially when it comes to food, so we’re excited to debut Naf Naf,” said Joe Cotton, vice president of Restaurant Services. “We want to give our customers a variety of fresh, delicious and quick options when it comes to dining and Naf Naf is the perfect fit.”