TCA announces image campaign for truckload sector of industry

Updated Jul 27, 2021
Launch It Announcement 20

The Truckload Carriers Association today announced it will develop a comprehensive program that focuses on the image of the trucking industry. 

TCA said the initiative comes at the same time that TCA reached a record high in carrier membership with a 6% year-to-date gain. TCA carrier members have a combined truck count of more than 210,000 trucks that represent over $38B in annual truckload revenue. TCA said it will work with LaunchIt Public Relations, a firm focused exclusively on the trucking and transportation industry, on the new program.

According to a statement from the association, the new initiative will show the truckload segment of the industry’s importance in four areas:

  • A strong commitment to safety
  • The use of advanced technology to improve safety, efficiency, and driver quality of life
  • The essential nature of truckload carriers for the nation, the economy and prosperity 
  • Recognition for the generosity of the industry through driver goodwill and carrier community outreach

“Our organization’s membership is at an all-time high, our industry is incredibly strong and with unparalleled pride in what we do, but we have to do a better job at getting that message out to our partners, the public and in particular potential drivers,” said Dave Heller, vice president of government affairs for TCA. “That’s why we hired LaunchIt. They have served the trucking industry for over 29 years with successful image campaigns and launches. As our momentum in membership growth continues, the expertise that LaunchIt brings to our strategic plan for improving the image of trucking will be invaluable.”