Arizona reopens rest areas for truck parking ... temporarily

Shutterstock 2039516681

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and the Arizona Department of Transportation are looking to ease truck parking issues in the state by reopening two long-closed rest areas to give truckers more opportunities to rest through the holiday season.

Last week, Ducey directed ADOT to reopen two previously closed rest areas at Parks (I-40) and Christiansen (I-17). Both are now open, providing additional opportunities for drivers to park. This is a temporary measure, as these rest areas will be open only through Jan. 18, to provide relief during the holiday season. 

"We are working to make sure commercial drivers and Arizona families have the support they need this holiday season," Ducey said. "Prices are rising and commercial drivers are under an incredible amount of stress as they transport goods. Today's action will help alleviate this stress. My thanks to the Arizona Department of Transportation for streamlining requirements for commercial drivers and strengthening Arizona’s supply chain.”