Deadline to apply to serve on FMCSA's new women's advisory board is Friday

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The deadline is at hand to nominate someone -- or yourself -- to serve on a new advisory board of women in the trucking industry.

Friday, April 8, is the deadline to submit nominations of people to serve on the Women of Trucking Advisory Board within. the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The purpose of the board is to help the FMCSA recruit, support, and ensure the safety of women commercial motor vehicle drivers and the trucking industry at large.    

The FMCSA said the advisory board will coordinate with trucking companies, nonprofit organizations, and trucking associations to support women in trucking. The board will provide recommendations to the administrator of FMCSA and the Secretary of Transportation as well as tackle many areas, including:

  • Evaluating barriers and trends that impact women in trucking across the country and ways to support women pursuing careers in trucking
  • Identifying opportunities to expand roles for women and increase the number of women in the trucking industry
  • Advising on policies that provide education, training, mentorship, or outreach to women in the trucking industry
  • Reviewing opportunities to enhance safety, training, mentorship, and education for women in the trucking industry

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The board will include a minimum of eight members with diverse backgrounds, experience, and certifications to provide balanced points of view. The group will include:

  • Women representing small, mid-sized, and large trucking companies, nonprofit organizations in the trucking industry
  • Trucking business associations
  • Independent owner-operators and professional truck drivers 
  • And an institution of higher education or trucking trade school

Members serve without pay and are chosen from a field of qualified candidates for two-year terms. Should you wish to apply or nominate someone for membership, please email the following materials to [email protected]

  • A letter expressing your interest and qualifications to serve on the committee, specifying one of the following membership categories:
    • A large trucking company (more than 100 power units)
    • A mid-sized trucking company (11-100 power units)
    • A small trucking company (1-10 power units)
    • A nonprofit organization in the trucking industry
    • A trucking business association
    • An independent owner-operator
    • A female professional truck driver
    • An institution of higher education or trucking trade school
    • Another related role within the trucking industry (please specify)
  • A resume of relevant work experience
  • One letter of recommendation from someone who knows you and your professional accomplishments first-hand. This can be a supervisor or a colleague

For questions concerning WOTAB, please e-mail [email protected].

WOTAB’s charter runs through Feb. 11, 2024. If you are interested in applying, visit