Allen Sohn wins Iowa driving title; XPO takes home team trophy

Updated Jun 20, 2022
Driving contest winner

FedEx Freight driver Allen Sohn had the highest overall score during the Iowa Motor Truck Association's driving competition held recently.

Drivers for XPO Logistics took home the team title and the company's David Wollbrink had the highest score among first-time competitors.

The complete results include:

Trucker with trophyAllen Sohn, FedEx FreightIMTAHighest Overall Score: Allen Sohn, FedEx Freight

Highest 1st Year Participant: David Wollbrink, XPO Logistics, Inc.

Highest Pre-Trip Score: Melinda Rathjens, FedEx Freight

3 Axle Van Winner: Jimmy Lair, FedEx Freight

4 Axle Van Winner: Allen Sohn, FedEx Freight

5 Axle Van Winner: Dean Filmer, Decker Truck Line, Inc.

Tank Truck Winner: Warren Ratliff, Quest Liner

Sleeper Berth Winner: Tex Halligan, Ruan

Flatbed Winner: Toby Royster, FedEx Freight

Twin Trailers: Steven Iburg, XPO Logistics, Inc.

Straight Truck Winner: Richard Barre, XPO Logistics, Inc.

Individual Sportsmanship: Leland Hildebrandt, Ruan

Team Sportsmanship: CRST The Transportation Solution, Inc.

1st Place Team: XPO Logistics, Inc.

2nd Place Team: Solar Transport

3rd Place Team: Walmart Transportation

Hugh Ekberg from CRST The Transportation Solution, Inc.won the IMTA Board / CEO Driving Challenge

Winners in each category advance to the National Truck Driving and Step Van Driving Championships in Indianapolis, Aug. 16-20.