Now you can build your own (LEGO) Mack Anthem

February 10, 2018
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The Mack Anthem building set is the result of a partnership between Mack and LEGO.

Mack enthusiasts can build their own Mack Anthem thanks to a recently released LEGO model set. The 2-in-1 set includes 2,596 pieces for a replica Mack Anthem that can be rebuilt into a Mack LR garbage truck.

The set includes:

  • Mack’s signature bulldog hood ornament
  • Authentically designed bodywork, front-axle steering, rear wheel drive, six-cylinder straight engine with moving pistons and spinning radiator fan, detailed driver’s cab with opening doors, adjustable seats, steering wheel, dashboard, sun visors, bunk bed and adjustable wing mirrors
  • Detachable trailer with extendable outriggers, landing legs, synchronized crane doors and a container with lockable doors

The Mack Anthem Lego kit is available from Mack for $189.99 and from LEGO for $179.99. It is currently available on backorder.

“The Mack product design team had fun working with the LEGO Group and their team, but we took this as seriously as we would any other project,” said Lukas Yates, Mack’s chief designer in the exterior division. “We’re excited about outcome and the opportunity the partnership has provided to build another lasting impression of the greatest name in trucks.”

LEGO currently has a classic Kenworth W900 pending on its LEGO Ideas site. If it receives enough support, it may be produced, but it is not currently available.

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