Two women among Landstar’s new million milers

Debbie Hudler at the ceremony with Gattoni, left, and her husband Dan Hudler, right. (Image Courtesy of Landstar)

Landstar recognized its new class of million mile drivers recently, and among the honorees were two women drivers. Truckers Vicky Percious and Debbie Hudler were recognized for safely driving one million miles without any preventable accidents.

The two women and their fellow new million milers were recognized at the fifth annual Landstar BCO All-Star celebration July 1-3. Landstar honored a total of 122 new million safe miles Business Capacity Owners (BCOs), the company’s term for its owner-operators.

Vicky Percious at the ceremony with Gattoni, left, and her associate Dave Arnold. (Image Courtesy of Landstar)

“Landstar is proud to showcase the class of Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers as the industry’s best,” said Landstar President and CEO Jim Gattoni. “Their talent, hard work and dedication is truly worthy of a celebration. These men and women make the roads safer for us all; we are proud to honor them.”