Google Duo new way to stay in touch while on the road

It’s a fact of the truck driving life that you’re often one place while loved ones — husband, children, parents — are someplace else, usually home.

It’s one thing send an email or swap texts, and sometimes even a phone call is not enough. Google now offers a way to stay in touch while on the road called Google Duo.

Rather than needing a yet another unique login with username and password, the app uses the user’s phone number to hook up with a contact. To ensure good video quality, Duo automatically scales resolution based on the bandwidth available, and switches between Wi-Fi and cellular data automatically.

It also has a slick little feature called Knock Knock, which allows the person receiving the call gets a live preview of what the caller is doing at the other end on Android Phones.

All calls are encrypted so you have your privacy.

Get it here.